Tango T600 Resales...

"Finally an electric car that is fun to drive, practical, and handles like a go-cart with outstanding acceleration." - Thomas Greither, founder of Flora Health

Available: T600 with all of the latest upgrades-13,500 miles
This Tango has been driven primarily between our customer's businesses in Vancouver BC, and Lynden WA. He has driven it up to 200 miles a day, as it has a 32 kWhr pack giving approximately 100 miles at speeds between 70 and 75 mph, or 120 miles at 60 mph. It charges at 20 to 25 miles per hour of charging. The most recent upgrades are a much improved steering rack and rear swaybar, giving it amazing cornering capability. The paint is Maserati Blu Nettuno. The stripes and lettering on the rocker panels were added for a filming of an HBO TV series pilot "Silicon Valley," which should air shortly. They can be easily peeled off with no damage to the paint. It is one of the few Tangos with 3:1 gearing which gives it amazing high-end acceleration. Another Tango equipped with this gear ratio ran a 3.2-second 0-60 and 12.1-second 1/4 mile time finishing at 106 mph. It is available immediately for $200k. It is one of the most upgraded of the 12 Tangos in existence.

Available: George Clooney's Tango T600
George purchased the first Tango ever sold in July of 2005, for $108,000. It was built by Prodrive in the UK under contract with Commuter Cars for $300k USD. George commuted to his office at Warner Brothers from home on a regular basis. It has about 10,000 miles on it. Currently it is equipped with lead-acid batteries, so only has a range of 40 miles of relatively flat freeway driving or 30 miles if going from the San Fernando Valley, over the mountains to Malibu for example. As George’s commute to Warner Brothers ended, he no longer needed the Tango. He has sold it back to Commuter Cars so that we may sell it and use the profit for more development of the Tango for a larger market. We will sell it as-is for $300k, or we can modify it to have 100 miles of freeway range with LiFePO4 battery, and upgrade suspension and make other improvements for a quieter softer ride for an additional $100k.
More photos of this Tango can be viewed on Gallery link / Customer cars

Available: Nearly-completed Tango T600: Never Registered
The mostly-assembled Tango on the left in the photos is the one for sale. The Tango on the right represents exactly what this car will look like when completed. It is available with 32 kWhr Headway LiFePO4 battery pack, and all of the latest upgrades. It can be purchased, fully assembled, for the UK or most foreign markets, or as a mostly-assembled kit for the US and Canada, needing only a few hours of assembly by the purchaser or any mechanic. The paint is a Lamborghini orange tricoat, reflecting back a yellow hue at some angles. Price for all parts from three different suppliers to complete the Tango for the USA, Canada, Australia and other markets where it must be registered as a kit car or ICV, or as a complete car under the UK’s IVA or New Zealand’s LVVTA regulations: $240k USD.

Sold: Previously-owned Tango T600
Fully-assembled Tango T600 in like-new condition. Custom green metallic paint with only 289 miles. Sold for $181k with a 32 kWh LiFeP04 battery pack providing 120 miles of range.

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