Tango performance is defined here as all of the aspects that we can think of as it compares in every way against other cars. Keep in mind that the Tango is a commuter car. Please think about performance as it relates to the job to be done: single- and occasionally double-occupant trips to work, shopping, making a delivery or visiting a friend.


Just as one, when going to the garage for the tool to drive finish or framing nails would pick a claw hammer rather than a sledgehammer for that job (notwithstanding that some would rather use a high-heeled shoe to drive screws into sheetrock to hang pictures);

when picking the right tool to get to work or shopping wouldn’t it make sense to choose a Tango over a larger car? Not only does it ease through traffic, it’s easier to park when you get to your destination. Of course, you will need that other vehicle for special reasons like having too much to carry, or going long distances. And of course, if you live in an area that isn’t at least somewhat congested, the Tango provides less benefit.


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