Tango T600 Kit Specifications

Width: 39" (5" narrower than a Honda Gold Wing)

Length: 8'6" long, allowing it to park perpendicular to the curb.

Height: 61"

Ground Clearance: 4"

Weight: 3,326 lbs.

Distribution: 43/57 (percent front/rear)


1,000 Headway 10Ah 38120S Energy Cells, or 8Ah 38120P Power Cells. They are configured 10 in parallel giving 100 or 80 Amp hours respectively, and 100 in series, producing 320 Volts nominal. The range is 100 miles at 70 mph on level freeway or up to 120 miles at 60 mph. The power cells give slightly better acceleration, however at a range penalty of 20%.

A 60 kWhr pack of Wide Energy Cells is under development, and almost complete. It will give a 200-mile range at 70 mph, or up to 240 miles of range at 60 mph or less.

Nominal Voltage:

320 V with Headway Cells; 245 V with Wide Energy Cells. Wide Energy cells were used by the X-Tracer, the winning X-Prize team for the Alternative Category. They worked extremely well for power and only warmed up 1°C after 30 minutes on a simulated grade on a dynamometer at Argonne National Laboratories.

Battery Weight, including box and lead ballast: 1299 lbs.


40 amp on-board charger with new J1772 conductive coupling. Compatible with all new public charge stations. (Compatibility with CHAdeMO and other fast chargers, under development)


Rack and pinion with Cadillac CTS collapsible steering column and Momo Corse steering wheel

Front Suspension:

Unequal length A-arm with coil-over Carrera shocks.

Rear Suspension:

Trailing arm with coil-over Carrera shocks.


Zilla Z2K motor controller, providing up to 2,000 Amps at 350 Volts (600 kW).

Designed by Otmar Ebenhoech at Café Electric LLC in Corvalis, OR., and now manufactured by Manzanita Micro in Kingston, WA.


2 Advanced DC FB1-4001 9" motors, one driving each rear wheel, with over 3,000 ft-lb of combined torque at low rpms. 8,000 rpm redline.


2 direct drive gear boxes designed by Bert Transmission of St-Constant, Quebec, the leading manufacturer of dirt circle track race car transmissions. 10 available ratios from 2.92:1 to 5:1. Standard ratio is 3:1. Splined axles can be easily locked together with center sleeve.

Hubs/Wheel Bearings:

As used on the Mazda Miata.


Konig alloy wheels: 14 x 6 front/15 x 6.5 rear, 4-100 bolt pattern, now also available with 16" x 7" wheels, front and rear.


Toyo Proxes T1R: 195/45R14 front; 215/45R15 rear, also Yokohama S-Drive 195/40R16-W front, and 215/40-16 rear.


Mazda Miata calipers with Hawk HP Plus (rear) and HPS (front) pads. AP Racing master cylinder and Wilwood pedal assembly.


12,000 BTU Vintage Air air conditioning system driven by variable speed AC motor for predictable climate control. 3,000 W electric heater for instant-on, powerful heating.


Tandem Sparco custom bucket seats with 4-point aircraft pilot harnesses on attached structures. Passenger straddles the front seat and harness structures which do not interfere with the passenger's knees.


Passenger and a few bags of groceries with rear seat installed. Removed, it allows 2 very large suitcases and a large briefcase with the driver's seat in extended position. (Rear seat with harness structure is removable through rear hatch.) Multiple compartments for smaller items.


39" driver and passenger.

Trailer Hitch:

Accepts standard 1.25" hitch for towing generator cart for extended range. Front hitch for moving airplanes.


100 to 120 miles at 70 mph or 60 mph on relatively level freeway respectively, with Headway Energy Cells.

200 to 240 miles at 70 mph or 60 mph on with 60 kWhr Wide Energy cell pack.

Cost per Mile:

Electricity is under 2 cents per mile in the Northwest, approximately 4 cents per mile average in the U.S. (based on $.05 and $.10 cost per kWhrs respectively).


0 to 60 MPH, 3.2 seconds. According to Wikipedia, the Tango is thus quicker 0-60 than a $440k Porsche Carrera GT, or a good percentage of supercars costing over double the price of a Tango.

1/4 mile time recorded at 12.255 seconds at 106.86 mph on July 28, 2012 at Spokane County Raceway with no special preparation to the car. The Headway cells were a mixture of 640 Power Cells and 360 Energy Cells.

Top Speed:

Approximately 150 MPH. We have not tested the T600 for top speed. Redline of 8,000 rpm with 3:1 gears would be 172 mph.

Note: Projected performance specifications will vary depending on final weight, gearing, tires, and batteries used. Acceleration figures assume a properly-prepared drag strip.




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