Demo video with captions showing many aspects of the Tango's abilities

Jay Leno interview and test driving the Tango

KXLY TV interview and test drive

Campbell Live; 3News, Auckland, New Zealand

Tango video clips showing burnout, slight wheel stand, proving 3,000 ft-lbs (4,000 Nm) of torque as there's a 3:1 gear ratio from motors to axles; drag races against Honda and Tesla Roadster; Snowplow; Lanesplitting, etc.

Lanesplitting as seen from the Tango's driver's seat. This is legal in California for motorcycles, and 67 California police officers, mostly CHP (California Highway Patrol), to date, have unanimously agreed that it's legal for a Tango to do so. The CHP web site recommends not passing cars by more than 10 mph. 10 mph is 15 ft per second, so watching this video you can count the approximate second that it takes to overtake a 15-ft long car.

Tango climbing one of the steepest hills in San Francisco. This is upper Stanyan Street. It's a 30% grade.




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